Christmas Gift Ideas for A Sister-In-Law

The holiday season is just around the corner, and you are thinking: "Who knows some great Christmas gift ideas for a sister-in-law?" Well, here you go! Because there is no way of telling whether your sister-in-law is closer than a sister or further from you than Mars, this list of five thoughtful gift ideas ranges from very personal to very impersonal, but still classy:

1) Spa Day - If you know everything about her. She works hard, meets the needs of everyone else, and would never give this gift to herself-get her the massage, facial, mud wrap or full-boat special spa deal you know she'd love. It's incomparable!


2) (Fill in the blank) of the Month Club - If you know anything about your sister-in-law's collections, habits, or fetishes, you can go to and find a membership for it. No kidding! Start with a three-month gift membership.

Christmas Gift Ideas for A Sister-In-Law

3) Bracelets & Baubles - If your sister-in-law wears jewelry and has funky, eclectic taste (NOT diamonds), search for original artsy baubles at some of your local fall craft fairs to find her something no one else has. She will really adore the item if you can find it in her favorite color.

To carry this perfect Christmas gift idea for a sister-in-law over to the internet (because who has time to scour craft fairs?) check out the massive internet craft fair: They have gobs of original stuff you can get your hands on quickly. Look at their top creators on the main page, but don't be afraid to dig deep to find some really interesting stuff.

4) Unique Gifts - So you know your sister-in-law a little, but frankly you haven't got much in common. She's a meticulous housekeeper and crunchy granola eco-freak, and you're...well...not? It's okay. There are tons of Christmas gift ideas for a sister-in-law at where you can buy gifts like the extremely pretty and useful Envirosax floral market bags. They're so pretty you don't notice how useful they are.

Maybe she is a chocolate lover. Who doesn't enjoy chocolate?

• Does your sister-in-law have just about everything? Does she have real estate? Land? Land in all 50 states? You can get her a real legal Deed of Land and she will be the virtual owner of a square inch of land in each of the fifty states of America. A land deed can be bought via email, ready to be printed and framed. This is a very cool gift item that's bound to make her smile.

Christmas Gift Ideas for A Sister-In-Law

There you have it! Five awesome Christmas gift ideas for a sister-in-law and some websites like to jump-start your holiday shopping season.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For the Elderly

It can be hard to buy Christmas gifts for the elderly people in our lives that we love. Many of these wonderful people are not capable of participating in the hobbies they once did, they have all the household items they need and the clothing items they need. At first thought, we may be at a lost at what to buy them that they will not only like, but may actually need.

Yet, there are a number of different things you can buy and a number of different services you can offer or you can pay someone else to do, that will not only brighten their holiday season, but may make their holiday season a little easier for them.


Here are a few suggestions.

Christmas Gift Ideas For the Elderly

--Offer to clean their house once a week or help them to maintain their yard. If you don't have the time or think they would prefer a stranger to do these services for them, you could hire a cleaning service or a yard care service for them.

--Do you have a child in your household who always needs extra money? Is the child old enough to wash dishes? Discuss the idea of the child going over to the house once or twice a week to the dishes for him/her. You pay the child.

--Do you love to bake or cook? Bake a cake, pie or prepare a meal for the person.

--Give a gift basket filled with bath supplies. Include items such as sponges, lotions and soaps. Make sure the products are filled with moisturizes. As we age, our skin becomes dryer and dry skin can become rough and irritated.

--Give food baskets filled with anything from cookies, candies, meats, breads, wines, and crackers and cheeses and everything in between. Make sure anything that needs to be refrigerated, gets refrigerated as soon as possible.

--Offer to take the person to the grocery store or even to do their grocery store shopping or them.

--Visit them early (before the actually Christmas holiday). Ask if they need help decorating. Give them a whole afternoon of your time. Be sure to also help put the decorations away after the holidays are finished.

--Would the person enjoy a massage? Do you have a massage therapist in town? Old bones tend to hurt, especially in the cold seasons.

--Want a gift they can unwrap? Think about warm robes, warm slippers and even warm throws. Yes, they may have these all ready. But with age these tend to lose their softness. Be sure to buy the softness one you can find.

--Check and see if the person still has a working record player. Yes, record player. Older people still have a collection of records from their past. But many may not have a working player. Yes, you can still buy these. Sometimes they come in combination packages that include a CD player and radio. If the records are in storage, offer to help the person get them out and then set up the player for them to enjoy.

It can be hard to buy for the elderly. For one thing, they may feel like they have everything they need and want. In some cases, they actually may have. But we still have to take the initiative and we still have to try and find a special Christmas gift and special gift ideas for the elderly people in our lives. It is one way we can show them how much we love and cherish them.

Christmas Gift Ideas For the Elderly

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Ideas For Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Only the very best wedding anniversary gifts can be found here. And you will see a better selection of potential presents online than you can find anywhere else. In addition to the convenience of shopping on the web, you will find more gifts for wedding anniversaries than you could possibly imagine. I know you will love the great selection available for you when you browse around for the perfect wedding and wedding anniversary presents.

There are several kinds of wedding anniversary gifts to choose from which are somewhat "classified" by the length of the marriage, as well as your familiarity or kind of relationship you have with the couple. In other words, as a very close fiend you will likely purchase something more meaningful, more personal, and more expensive than if you know the couple well (but not THAT well).


Most importantly, if you are the husband or wife, your anniversary gift to your significant other must be very meaningful, or at least that should be the goal. Guessing that yours (as a couple) is a happy marriage, you will certainly want to express the extent of your love for your partner in the best possible way that you can.

Ideas For Wedding Anniversary Gifts

For example:

· Newlyweds:

Even if the couple is celebrating their first or second year of marriage, they may still be considered, in a sense, newlyweds. After all, they have just begun the rest of their lives together.

In such a case you may decide to buy more typical kinds of wedding anniversary gifts such as jewelry, flowers, a fancy gourmet dinner etc. These are great ideas for the husband or wife to purchase as gifts for their anniversary. Show your new spouse that you can reaffirm and reassure him or her of the dedication and the promises you made on your wedding day--reaffirm the love you already have.

· Golden anniversaries:

When you and your spouse celebrate your golden wedding anniversary, it is certainly a time to be cherished. The above is true for any wedding anniversary gifts that are for a couple whose marriage has lasted for many years. Especially in our current situation in America, where fifty percent of couples divorce, your wedding anniversary gifts should show your admiration for making the relationship, the love, and the friendship last and last.

By the same token, if you are celebrating a golden wedding anniversary, by buying a wedding anniversary gift for someone you know such as friend or family members, you want any wedding anniversary gifts to be appropriate for the occasion. Think of wedding anniversary gifts that would be especially significant to them as a couple; think of wedding anniversary gifts that symbolize their love for each other, even after fifty years of marriage. What a immense and beautiful feeling that must be.

· Wedding anniversary gifts for troubled couples:

For a spouse, this may be a tough gift to choose if you are going through a rough patch in your marriage. However, especially at this delicate and crucial time between you and your spouse . . . wedding anniversary gifts are not something to take lightly. Remember your wedding anniversary above all else--to forget or to not acknowledge could be a huge mistake. And try to purchase a gift that will not be misinterpreted in any way--whether raising your spouse's hopes too high, or making them feel less important to you than they really are.

Whether you know that you want things to work out between you and your spouse, or even if you are not quite sure what you want. At least let him or her (but especially her) know that you were thinking of him or her on the anniversary of your union.

Women take gifts much more seriously than men most of the time, and for the husband, you do not want to accidentally give her something that does not express your true feelings.

I believe that wedding anniversary gifts are an essential part of any wedding anniversary, but you have to look for the wedding anniversary gifts that are just right for your spouse, and that express how you feel. You should get him or her the very best anniversary present and remind them of the way you both felt on your wedding day. These kinds of wedding anniversary gifts will have an impact that will last and last--with my sincerest hope--"as long as you both shall live."

Ideas For Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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Which Personalized Photo Mugs Make Perfect Gifts?

There are hundreds of personalized gift ideas on the market these days ranging from engraved crystal gifts to beach towels and more. Personalized photo mugs are among the most popular choice because they are so versatile and relatively inexpensive, making them the ideal thank you gift, holiday present for teachers, and Mother's Day and Father's Day favorites. Recipients can enjoy the image on their new coffee cups every morning when they're sipping their morning coffee or in the evening when they're enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. They don't take up a lot of space and can be used for a variety of purposes. But which style is best when you're giving them as gifts?

Travel Mugs For Commuters


Travel cups are the perfect gift for anyone who travels a lot, including the dad who has to commute into the city every day or the college graduate who is planning on traveling cross country for the summer. When choosing one of these containers, look for locking lids that will prevent spills and a generous opening that allows the liquid to flow freely for easy drinking. Some travel styles feature double wall insulation that will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold while others may only be suitable for cold drinks. Be sure you check to make sure any travel stylecups you order can be used for both hot and cold beverages for the most versatility. The best styles will be crafted of aluminium so that they are lightweight and unbreakable and will have a narrow base that can fit into most standard cup holders in vehicles.

Which Personalized Photo Mugs Make Perfect Gifts?

Ceramic Personalized Photo Mugs Are Always Popular

Ceramic cups continue to be the most popular style of personalized beverage container on the market for a variety of reasons. The ceramic is a wonderful insulator for hot and cold beverages and they have generously sized handles for a sure grip. They look at home whether you use them in your kitchen or keep one in a place of honor at your desk at work. The ceramic surface is particularly well suited for picture transfer, giving personalized photo mugs a crisp, vibrant look that is unsurpassed in other materials. The unique properties of a ceramic surface can also be treated with a heat-reactive compound that will change the color of the cup when a hot beverage is poured into the mug. Just imagine the smile on someone's face when they pour their coffee into what appears to be a plain, black mug only to see a full-color snapshot of their child bloom on the surface. Grandparents, parents, coaches and siblings will all enjoy the novelty of heat reactive, personalized photo mugs.

Glass And Ceramic Steins

If a standard size coffee cup just isn't big enough, you can also order personalized photo mugs in larger sizes holding up to 22 ounces. These are popular in both glass and ceramic styles designed to resemble German beer steins. Whether you're celebrating Octoberfest, congratulating someone who's graduated from college or advertising the grand opening of your favorite bar and grille, photo steins will get plenty of attention and be appreciated by everyone. And when you order several items from an established gift company, you can often purchase personalized photo mugs at a discount that makes them even more affordable.

Which Personalized Photo Mugs Make Perfect Gifts?

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Gifts - What to Do If You Don't Know What to Buy Someone

What do you buy for the person on your list that already has everything? It can be tough to know where to start when the intended recipient doesn't actually need or want anything. Don't worry; I can help you figure out how to shop for someone who has everything. I warn you, it will require some outside the box thinking!

Make something unique


Make something handmade and totally unique. What are your talents? Can you sew, knit, paint, etc? Try to think of their likes and dislikes and whether it's possible for you to create something special and one of a kind for them. If you aren't crafty, check out Etsy or eBay for artisians who can create something special and unique for your friend or loved one.

Gifts - What to Do If You Don't Know What to Buy Someone

Give something consumable

So they have everything, but I doubt they have your grandma's chocolate chip cookies or aunt Debbie's pecan pie. Make them a tasty treat that will mean a lot, but not take up extra space in their home and lives. It might not be the first (or last) fruit cake they'll receive, but it will be special and repeats are actually encouraged when it comes to consumable gifts! In addition, you can also buy soaps or perfumes which can be used and tossed when they are finished.

Give a donation in lieu of a gift

Donate to their favorite charity and let them know a donation has been made in their name. If they already have everything, they probably enjoy the opportunity to give back. Be sure that you make the donation in their name and to a charity they would want to donate to (not your personal charity). Buy some toys for a child through your local Toys for Tots program. Warm their heart by donating to their favorite cause, and you won't go wrong.

You might not be able to get them the latest gadget or the coolest pair of jeans, but you certainly can buy worthwhile gifts for the person who has everything! It takes a bit of out of the box thinking, and a bit more thought; but it is possible! Make or buy them something unique and one of a kind. Give them something they can use and toss when they are done. Or donate to their charity of choice. Just 3 of many ways you can shop for someone who has everything!

Gifts - What to Do If You Don't Know What to Buy Someone

Heather Shaw writes for the What to Buy section on Be sure to visit and learn more about buying that perfect gift, how to save money, and great weekly hot deals and steals!

Christmas Gifts - Redneck Specialty Christmas Gifts

Rednecks are part of the local establishment, from the Sheriff Jim with the longhorn hood ornament on his Chevy Blazer to the Mayor's two tone cow truck that carries her around town, Rednecks blaze a trail in the local community. But until you've had a truly fashionable redneck Christmas, you just really have not celebrated. Part of that celebration includes original trendy redneck gifts.

Redneck bubble bath -


A handful of pinto beans in a plastic baggie tied with a piece of red cord not only decorates the tree, but serves as an impromptu gift for those elegant ladies who come to visit over the holidays. Everyone could use a good bubble bath!

Christmas Gifts - Redneck Specialty Christmas Gifts

Redneck coat hanger -

After deer hunting season a nice rack of horns doesn't have much to do 'cept hang around, so if you mount 'em on a nice wood plaque and hang 'em on the wall, they make a beautiful coat hanger. Shoot two and have an extra gift to give.

Redneck hood ornament -

Nobody really likes those hood ornaments that come on the old Ford truck, so give that buddy a new ornament. A pair of long horns, or a set of antlers works better than a silver bug catcher.

Redneck bed frame -

Often recognized as the perfect gift for newlyweds, this awesome gift of love gets their buns up off the floor. Give 'em 4 family size soup cans and four long boards to frame the bed and you've got the handiest dandy bed frame in the south (and room enough for ole Beau to crawl under on those cold nights).

Redneck bun warmer -

For that prized two holer in the back yard, every redneck wants a pair of bun warmers and the craftiest among you will be able to figure out how to cover two toilet seats with flannel and solve the problem. Flannel is much nicer to sit on when the snow flies on those cold winter mornings.

If you've had just about enough of Redneck Christmas Gift ideas, I've got another plan that just might suit your fancy a little better. Try 12 Days of Christmas at and get twelve wonderful stocking stuffers you can give to your loved ones, friends, and family (even if they ain't a redneck in the bunch of 'em).

Christmas Gifts - Redneck Specialty Christmas Gifts

Jan Verhoeff enjoys the Christmas season, celebrating with family and friends, and sharing the fun of giving. Come by for some great Christmas ideas!