Cheap Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

I know you want to give your boyfriend a very special and memorable birthday gift, but that seems near impossible on such a tight budget. The good news is that there are some things that you can do for him that will make a great present for him. In the day of high tech gadgets and expensive sneakers there are some simple items that not only will he appreciate, but will also remember because it came from you.

Good food is the quickest way to a man's heart and your boyfriend is no exception. For a special birthday gift give him a meal he will be amazed by. You can make a home cooked meal with four courses and dessert. Make sure you add the wine to wash it down with. You could also take him to a restaurant he has never been to before. Give him a new eatery experience on his day and he will be well pleased.


I am quite sure that your man just loves to listen to music (all men do). Well use that interest of his as inspiration for a good present. You could get him a cd that he has been dying to get, or if he is not too fond of cds then you can get him downloads for his mp3 player. There are gift certificates for purchase online that will be perfect to give him on his birthday. With these certificates he can download music, and other things for free. That would be something that any music loving man would want.

Cheap Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Clothing is always a safe choice for a birthday gift. Every man wears them and any man would be thankful to get more. So for a present how about getting your boyfriend some additions to his wardrobe. Anything from a hat to shoes to some new earrings would be well received. If you don't really like buying clothes for him the next best option would definitely be to get him a gift card from his favorite retail store. That way he will be able to shop for his own stuff.

These are some cheap gift ideas that you may want to consider getting him. If you want more you should visit this site where you may find more suggestions to look over. Don't stress out too much about what to get your boyfriend on his birthday because I am quite sure whatever you get him he will be happy that he is getting older with you.

Cheap Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

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Inexpensive Gifts For Kids

If you are on a budget this holiday season, and most people are, it does not mean the quality of the gifts you give have to suffer. Inexpensive does not have to mean junky. Kids are perhaps the easiest set to shop for when looking for inexpensive, unique gifts. Many toys are well within any budget. Here are a few unique gifts for kids under :

Inexpensive Dress Up Clothes
When it comes to young kids do not shy away from the homemade gifts. Preschool kids love to play dress up. Buy a few inexpensive patterns leftover from Halloween and get sewing. Growth charts, clothing, bedroom décor, stuffed animals and soft toys are all easy to whip up in an afternoon. Shopping the sales will help you find inexpensive materials. If you are looking to find unique gifts, few things are more unique than handmade gifts.


However, if sewing is not your forte, do not avoid the thrift stores. Most kids do not notice or care if their play clothes are inexpensive they just want to have fun. For less than you can purchase several unique gifts that the kids will play in all day.

Inexpensive Gifts For Kids

Unique Craft Gifts for Kids
Get kids into crafting! For you can assemble a gift basket chalked full of craft gifts for kids:

  • Inexpensive Foam Creatures
  • Plastic Stained Glass Kits
  • Markers
  • Beading Gifts Kit
  • Embroidery Floss For Braiding
  • Unique Dream Catcher Supplies
  • Kids Friendly Clay

Even boys enjoy many of these crafts and as far as inexpensive and unique gifts for kids go, this method cannot be beat.

Surprisingly Inexpensive Cell Phones for Kids
Kids are getting cell phones younger and younger now. Many cell phone companies are reacting by allowing parents to limit talk times on phones, texts, etc. It is now safer than ever to add your kids to your cell phone plan and inexpensive! Simply go to a Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. and pick up a free phone. Then have your kids added to your plan. This typically costs only a month. Inexpensive! Do check to make sure that you either have unlimited minutes on your plan or the ability to limit the kids' talk time. It takes one 0 cell bill to realize that you have made a mistake. Nip it in the bud and impress the pants off your kids. If you are not the parent, however, please check with the parent before giving such extravagant gifts.

Unique Discount Store Gifts
Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, Ross and others offer brand new unique toys and clothes from name brand companies for wildly inexpensive prices. If you want to get unique, inexpensive gifts for kids but do not want to compromise on quality, this is the way to go. Most of the stores carry overstock from department stores and the benefit to you is great.

Whichever inexpensive, unique gifts you choose to get the kids in your life just remember, kids easy to please so do not fret too much.

Inexpensive Gifts For Kids

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Wedding Gifts - How Much to Spend

Most adults know how much to spend on birthday gifts or Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts. We have a feel for what is appropriate for baby gifts. But when it comes to wedding gifts, how much to spend may not be so easy to determine. We don't want to spend so little that we look cheap, but we don't want to spend more than we can afford just to compete with other guests.



With wedding gifts, how much to spend seems to be a question of etiquette. Few of us feel totally comfortable with the rules of etiquette. In other areas of life, society has moved away from such rules. Etiquette books no longer have a place on our bookshelves.

Wedding Gifts - How Much to Spend

Happily, etiquette books, or at least those who read them, have a place on the Internet. By researching those sites, you can get a better idea of how much to spend on wedding gifts. You will want to remember these points.

1. Negative: Do NOT try to spend according to what your meal will cost. It is a common myth that etiquette's "rule of thumb" is to estimate how much your meal might cost and spend that much on a gift. The current (2007) price range for a meal is thought to be between and 0 per person. If two of you will be attending together, you would double that amount. This is NOT true according to etiquette. Furthermore, a recent survey shows that only 10 percent of brides agree with that idea. If followed, it would mean that a couple choosing a casual affair would receive less expensive gifts simply because the reception was casual.

2. Positive: Emily Post says there is no rule. You should let your affection for the bride and groom guide you, but you should stay within your budget, and be financially responsible when you buy a wedding gift. The giving of wedding gifts is not a competition. Your gift should reflect who you are and your relationship to the bride and groom. If you cannot afford to give as much as you would like, remember that the gift can be given within the first year after the wedding. Sooner is better, of course. But with that much time, you may be able to save enough to purchase the wedding gift you would truly like to give.

U.S. National Average

In the U.S., the national averages spent on wedding gifts fall into 3 categories. Each category is determined by the relationship of the guests to the bridal couple.

1. If buying for a co-worker or a distant family member, guests tend to spend - each on a wedding gift.

2. Those attending the wedding of a relative or friend are likely to spend -0 each on a wedding gift.

3. When a close relative or close friend gets married, the wedding gift will probably cost 0-0 or more per each guest.

This may not be appropriate in your town or city. It is good to check with peers and learn what wedding gifts customarily cost where you live.

Personal Decision

With wedding gifts, how much to spend really is a personal decision. Guests may give whatever wedding gifts they choose. You should never be guided by how much you think the bride's family will spend on the meal. You should not be guided by what others might give.

Shop for a wedding gift according to what you think the bride and groom will like, not according to the price tag. If they have registered at a local store, check the registry. If you see an item you want to buy and can afford, don't be turned away because it is the least expensive item on the registry.

Send Wedding Gifts and End the Competition

Etiquette says wedding gifts are to be sent to the bride's home. They are not to be delivered in person, either to the home or to the wedding location. If wedding gifts are delivered to the wedding location, the bride and groom should wait and open them at home in private.

Finally, whether a wedding gift costs or ,000, a well-mannered bride and groom will accept it graciously and appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Wedding Gifts - How Much to Spend

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Best Beermaking Kit? - Coopers Brewery Micro Brewery Kit

I have spent many happy years on the trail of the perfect beer. There might not be any such thing, but I am willing to keep on trying. Experience has helped me to accept that the best beer is the one you have in front of you now.

Many years ago, when I first tried brewing my own, I admit to some less-than-desirable results. Some home brew even went down the drain, I am ashamed to confess. There is certainly no excuse for such behavior nowadays. This home brew can be as good as it gets.

\"Gift For Husband\"

It is easy to understand why this is the world's best selling home beer making kit and it is easily my favorite of those I have tried. It is a quality product from a great Australian company, which makes it really easy to brew your own beer at home. Even the most inexperienced brewer can get it right first time and every time.

Best Beermaking Kit? - Coopers Brewery Micro Brewery Kit

You can be confident buying this for yourself, or as a gift for husband or boyfriend. It could be a good idea for first year college students too, they will simple love it.

The whole kit comes in one box and it contains all you need, from bottles and caps to the basic ingredients. Just add water, for a refreshing taste of Australia.

In case you are a complete beginner, This fantastic kit will guide you into making excellent beer with minimal effort. The instruction manual and the DVD are very good and easy to follow. I really like the fact that you can read the instructions and get brewing right away. But do have the instructions handy so that you can keep checking up on the stages.

The DVD is great and very useful too. One important additional tip, is to give the product an extra few weeks after bottling. Even if you are desperate to taste your brew, it is worth waiting that little bit longer.

This particular kit will make approximately 6 gallons of beer and the whole process takes about 3 weeks as a minimum. The essential thing to keep in mind here at the beginning of the process is complete sterilization of the fermenter, jug and spoon. Once that is done you can combine the malt, water and yeast.

If your tap water is not really good, you could try boiling it first, then cool it before adding it to the mix. I sometimes buy bottled water at the supermarket, as my water is not good. Now sit back and await results. I usually mark up a calendar in the kitchen so that I know when the next stage is due. Then just leave it alone; you cannot hurry the process,so do be patient.

A friend of ours commented that even though his flat is very small, he has plenty of room to use this Micro Brewery kit. By the way, once you have mastered the brewer's art with your first few brews, there are many variations you can experiment with, because refill kits are easily available. Making beer is a great hobby and then you can drink the product. What a wonderful world!

When I first started to brew my own, all those years ago, it was difficult if not impossible to make something to compare with beer available in the pub. That is just not true nowadays, so thank goodness for progress!

Best Beermaking Kit? - Coopers Brewery Micro Brewery Kit

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