Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Buying your boyfriend anniversary gifts can be a very daunting task, and there are a lot of things one has to consider before making a final decision. Guys have it easy when it comes to buying gifts for their girlfriends; anything from flowers, to chocolates, to jewelry will do just fine. But it's a much more difficult task for the girls.

It's difficult to find the right gift, especially since you have to think about what this gift will 'say' about your feelings and/or expectations. Guys can be extremely analytical when it comes to relationships, and most of them read into the finer details - the wrong gift to the wrong guy can be a hint that you take this relationship more seriously than he does.

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So how do you go about finding the perfect gift?

Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend

How long you have been dating, or how long you have known each other, can give a reasonably good idea of the type of boyfriend anniversary gift you should get. For example, if you have only been dating for a year, an expensive engraved ring is not likely to be seen as an appropriate gift as it is too personal, and rings in relationships are symbolic of commitment. A more appropriate gift might be something as simple as a CD by his favorite artist, or a book that you think he would enjoy. This way you are showing him that you pay attention to his likes and dislikes, but are not pushing the idea of commitment; an idea that scares many men.

While something simple like a CD or a book would be suitable to a year, or even six months of dating, a gift for a boyfriend of, say, a few years (or more), could be more personal. After this amount of time, engraved rings may be suitable. Another idea would be a framed photo of the two of you and a memento of your first date - this could be in the form of a letter, or the first song that you danced to, or even a copy of the menu from the restaurant (if you went out to dinner for your first date). Buying your boyfriend an anniversary gift does not necessarily need to be a difficult task. Once you think about the time you have spent together, and how seriously you both take the relationship, giving the appropriate gift can be quite simple.

Another way to make it simpler is to use a date as a gift. Try something new, like a swap-date. You pay for the food, which is his gift, and swap your favorite books, or CDs. Now, this sort of thing only goes over well for certain guys, so if you know your guy doesn't like sharing, or isn't into this kind of getting-to-know-you activity, you'll know not to try this with him, but otherwise it can be a simple way to have some fun and for you both to get to know each other a little better. The lack of a normal gift-wrapped present may take away the awkwardness if it is your first anniversary.

His personality and interests

Adapt your boyfriend's anniversary gift to suit your guy's interests. If he is a musician, for example, there are a lot of things you can do, like buy him a book (music related books or a biography of an influential band/artist) and tie to the front cover something suited to your boyfriend's talents or interests - like a pair of drumsticks, or a guitar pick. This little extra shows that you really put effort into your gift, and it adds personality. It's not just a book; it's a romantic gift to be treasured. Of course, not all girls date musicians but this idea can be adapted to most talents and interests.

Sometimes women overcomplicate things when it comes to buying their boyfriends an anniversary gift. And, often what they buy falls short of expectations. Choosing a dating anniversary gift does not have to be so hard. In fact, it doesn't have to be hard at all, just look at what his personality is, what he likes, and your own personality and talents. Those personal touches - like drumsticks to a music book, are essential. You have everything you need right now to choose a great gift, so relax!

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