Inexpensive Gifts For Kids

If you are on a budget this holiday season, and most people are, it does not mean the quality of the gifts you give have to suffer. Inexpensive does not have to mean junky. Kids are perhaps the easiest set to shop for when looking for inexpensive, unique gifts. Many toys are well within any budget. Here are a few unique gifts for kids under :

Inexpensive Dress Up Clothes
When it comes to young kids do not shy away from the homemade gifts. Preschool kids love to play dress up. Buy a few inexpensive patterns leftover from Halloween and get sewing. Growth charts, clothing, bedroom décor, stuffed animals and soft toys are all easy to whip up in an afternoon. Shopping the sales will help you find inexpensive materials. If you are looking to find unique gifts, few things are more unique than handmade gifts.


However, if sewing is not your forte, do not avoid the thrift stores. Most kids do not notice or care if their play clothes are inexpensive they just want to have fun. For less than you can purchase several unique gifts that the kids will play in all day.

Inexpensive Gifts For Kids

Unique Craft Gifts for Kids
Get kids into crafting! For you can assemble a gift basket chalked full of craft gifts for kids:

  • Inexpensive Foam Creatures
  • Plastic Stained Glass Kits
  • Markers
  • Beading Gifts Kit
  • Embroidery Floss For Braiding
  • Unique Dream Catcher Supplies
  • Kids Friendly Clay

Even boys enjoy many of these crafts and as far as inexpensive and unique gifts for kids go, this method cannot be beat.

Surprisingly Inexpensive Cell Phones for Kids
Kids are getting cell phones younger and younger now. Many cell phone companies are reacting by allowing parents to limit talk times on phones, texts, etc. It is now safer than ever to add your kids to your cell phone plan and inexpensive! Simply go to a Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. and pick up a free phone. Then have your kids added to your plan. This typically costs only a month. Inexpensive! Do check to make sure that you either have unlimited minutes on your plan or the ability to limit the kids' talk time. It takes one 0 cell bill to realize that you have made a mistake. Nip it in the bud and impress the pants off your kids. If you are not the parent, however, please check with the parent before giving such extravagant gifts.

Unique Discount Store Gifts
Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, Ross and others offer brand new unique toys and clothes from name brand companies for wildly inexpensive prices. If you want to get unique, inexpensive gifts for kids but do not want to compromise on quality, this is the way to go. Most of the stores carry overstock from department stores and the benefit to you is great.

Whichever inexpensive, unique gifts you choose to get the kids in your life just remember, kids easy to please so do not fret too much.

Inexpensive Gifts For Kids

Author, Heather Rutherfordstone, is the co-founder of Argyle Gifts, LLC at [] selling unique gifts for special occasions of every variety. Check out our gift guide for more information on finding the perfect gift.