Best Beermaking Kit? - Coopers Brewery Micro Brewery Kit

I have spent many happy years on the trail of the perfect beer. There might not be any such thing, but I am willing to keep on trying. Experience has helped me to accept that the best beer is the one you have in front of you now.

Many years ago, when I first tried brewing my own, I admit to some less-than-desirable results. Some home brew even went down the drain, I am ashamed to confess. There is certainly no excuse for such behavior nowadays. This home brew can be as good as it gets.

\"Gift For Husband\"

It is easy to understand why this is the world's best selling home beer making kit and it is easily my favorite of those I have tried. It is a quality product from a great Australian company, which makes it really easy to brew your own beer at home. Even the most inexperienced brewer can get it right first time and every time.

Best Beermaking Kit? - Coopers Brewery Micro Brewery Kit

You can be confident buying this for yourself, or as a gift for husband or boyfriend. It could be a good idea for first year college students too, they will simple love it.

The whole kit comes in one box and it contains all you need, from bottles and caps to the basic ingredients. Just add water, for a refreshing taste of Australia.

In case you are a complete beginner, This fantastic kit will guide you into making excellent beer with minimal effort. The instruction manual and the DVD are very good and easy to follow. I really like the fact that you can read the instructions and get brewing right away. But do have the instructions handy so that you can keep checking up on the stages.

The DVD is great and very useful too. One important additional tip, is to give the product an extra few weeks after bottling. Even if you are desperate to taste your brew, it is worth waiting that little bit longer.

This particular kit will make approximately 6 gallons of beer and the whole process takes about 3 weeks as a minimum. The essential thing to keep in mind here at the beginning of the process is complete sterilization of the fermenter, jug and spoon. Once that is done you can combine the malt, water and yeast.

If your tap water is not really good, you could try boiling it first, then cool it before adding it to the mix. I sometimes buy bottled water at the supermarket, as my water is not good. Now sit back and await results. I usually mark up a calendar in the kitchen so that I know when the next stage is due. Then just leave it alone; you cannot hurry the process,so do be patient.

A friend of ours commented that even though his flat is very small, he has plenty of room to use this Micro Brewery kit. By the way, once you have mastered the brewer's art with your first few brews, there are many variations you can experiment with, because refill kits are easily available. Making beer is a great hobby and then you can drink the product. What a wonderful world!

When I first started to brew my own, all those years ago, it was difficult if not impossible to make something to compare with beer available in the pub. That is just not true nowadays, so thank goodness for progress!

Best Beermaking Kit? - Coopers Brewery Micro Brewery Kit

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